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The real sound of the 90's

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Saturday Night (Set-A-Day-Night P90 House Edit)
Snap! Feat. Einstein
The Power 96 (Silk 7'')
Recall IV
Contrast (Radio Fun Mix)
Double Trouble & The Rebel Mc
Street Tuff (Club Radio Mix)
Cyndi Lauper Featuring Snow
(Hey Now) Girls Just Wanna To Have Fun (Sly & Robbie's Home Grown Version)


Jungle Brothers • Duke • Chez Maison • Ralphi Rosario Presents Xaviera Gold • E-Type • Sweetbox • Interactive • Kristine W • The Original • Monie Love

We are Planet 90
Internetradio with the real sound of the 90's!

Time flies by these days, we all know that feeling…right? Sometimes you’ve just got to emerge yourself in the sound of the 90’s and pump up the volume!
Do you remember the first time you went online, the outrageous clothing, the new music phenomena like house and hip hop and all the other things that were trending? It was an era of revolution in many ways.

In 2004 we started streaming 90’s music 24/7 online, we didn’t play a specific genre, if it was from the 90’s we played it: R&B, Hip Hop, Hiphouse, Swingbeat, Dance, House, Rave, Happy Harcore, Rock, Pop. Nowadays our playlist exist of only songs that we rate as 90’s Dance music. Not only the mainstream European dance hits, but also the special mix versions and songs that were big in countries like the USA or the UK. We like to keep you surprised!

We also will keep you updated with news about artists from that era and activities from our dj’s. Join the Planet 90 social media and connect with our dj’s and other listeners.
We all love the real sound of the 90’s!


Mixed Moods [Friday 20..00-22.00 CET + Rerun at Sunday 22.00-00.00 CET]

Radioshow: Mixed Moods
friday at 20.00-22.00 CET
Re-run: sunday at 22.00-00.00 CET
Live: on friday when live, with videostream on facebook
Resident DJ's: Booy | Eastfield | Miss Mana | Ven | Vreestyle | Tonie Merks | Dann

Two hours in the mix without any commercials or presentation. Only music! Every week a different DJ and a different style of 90's dance. 
Our resident DJ's started in the nineties as a DJ and are still active at parties with their unique sets. In Mixed Moods you can see the resident DJ's reguraly,
and sometimes Miss Mana invites her special guest DJ's at the wheels of steel.
Check the scheme when your favourite DJ is mixing on Planet 90!

Agenda 2017:

08-12-2017 Booy (NL) Mixed Moods presents: Residency
15-12-2017 Vreestyle (NL) Mixed Moods presents: Residency
22-12-2017 * CHRISTMAS SPECIAL *  
29-12-2017 To be anounced!  

Planet 90 Crew

Arjan Oosterveld

Founder Planet 90, Music Director & Resident DJ Mixed Moods

Bas Bonninga

DJ, Jingles & Station Audio Imaging

Miss Mana

Resident DJ Mixed Moods & Host 'Miss Mana Invites'


Resident DJ Mixed Moods

Tony Merks

Resident DJ Mixed Moods


Resident DJ Mixed Moods


Resident DJ Mixed Moods

Ruben Bethlehem

RadioDJ Software Maintenance & Tester

Danielle de Noord

Design & Identity

Jack Westers


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